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“Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 1 – “Dragonstone” airs Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO”.

On the surface, the huge success of a show like Game of Thrones appears a mystery, but when you investigate further, the reasons behind its popularity become clear. But Lena Headey (who plays the equally scorned Cersei Lannister) said it’s always a compliment when someone hates your character, because hopefully then you’ve portrayed them well.

Since we’re patiently waiting for Sunday’s Season 7 of Game of Thrones, let’s play everyone’s favorite classic party game! When the two military commanders met for the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay showed Rickon to Jon.

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If you’re more of a reader, you can check out this thorough breakdown from Ed Power at The Telegraph, or read through each season’s summary at the Game of Thrones wiki. Does he have an ability to time-travel or impact past and future, which has been part of the Game of Thronesfan discussion forever as viewers are figuring out Bran’s powerright along with him? Cersei wants revenge for Joffrey, whom she thinks he killed, so that’s a safe bet. He was last seen at Winterfell with Sansa Stark and Jon Snow after helping them get back their home from Ramsay Bolton.

The Mother of Dragons is seen gazing at the throne, hinting at a shape of things to come as she plans to take back the Iron Throne which was usurped from her by the Lannisters. Speaking to THR, Bloys discussed the four potential spinoff projects that HBO has in development, revealing that it is unlikely they’ll decide to move forward with more than one new show.

Being Game of Thrones, the montage has almost a dozen aerial shots of post-battle dead bodies, a sword dripping with blood, and, of course, a blade coming down on Ned Stark’s neck. We know from just-released season 7 photos that Meera will be featured at least to some extent, so fans can rest easy. The only ice zombie who counts as being alive is the Night King - that dude is basically alive. She didn’t think she could do it – she had lost all her faith.

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History suggests “Game of Thrones” will have a hard time improving yet again.

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark in the “Game of thrones“. At the start of this season we are going on a big road trip with them.

Or maybe he’s just been tackling White Walkers on the sly. A show about a lot of different characters and locations has now boiled down to a few key plot points, and it looks like we’re set to see everything come together for the show’s climax. Create a group to compete with your friends and join us in trying to predict who will live and who will die in Season 7.

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